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28 short frame

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  • 04 Jul 2018 7:14 PM
    Message # 6360767

    Hi. I have just purchase a 28 scout short frame CG944. When the long frame was introduced did the short frame numbers stop or did they continue on. I would like to know if it stopped at what number or if it continued what number was the change over. thanks Dave

  • 05 Jul 2018 2:09 AM
    Reply # 6361029 on 6360767

    Hi David     The Short frame were eithe  CG(600cc)  or CGP(750cc)  only

      when they went to long frame  it became DG and DGP  respectivly 

    I have seen quite a few Long frame  retrofitted with CG/CGP and the odd short frame with Later engines    .  Al the same these are great small Scouts , 

    Have a look at Jim Parkers site  he has  some info on Short frame Scouts of the 28  variety 

     Regards Phil

  • 05 Jul 2018 2:21 AM
    Reply # 6361030 on 6360767

    Hi Phil, The long frame was introduced in the USA in March 1928 where they stamp C or D ? I have read Jims info that has been a big hep to understand what they did. thanks Dave

  • 05 Jul 2018 2:57 AM
    Reply # 6361061 on 6360767
    Tim Raindle (Administrator)

    Hi David, the changeover was the first of  March 1928,  series 101 scouts engine numbers DG or DGP, the number sequence starting at 101. 

    No official factory figures on production, I do not recall seeing a short frame CG or CGP number higher than around 1800 ? Anyone with any more info let us know.

    There is also a distinct possibility that 1928 short frame models were still being sold overseas while the 101 was in production, as the factory used up available frames and parts that had already been made. Again, would love to hear about any specific info on this.  

  • 05 Jul 2018 3:31 AM
    Reply # 6361081 on 6360767

    Hi Tim, I have looked through old Austalian newspaper and have found the new 28 model was first advertised in Nov. 27 this was the short frame. I have followed the ads though 28 till Sept when the long frame was first mentioned. What it looks like to me Australia  where sent short frames till the stocks where sold and in Sept the long frames where sold as 29 models. I am guessing they where stamped DG and the earlier short frames where CG. Any thoughts anyone. Dave

  • 05 Jul 2018 3:59 AM
    Reply # 6361084 on 6360767

    My Short Frame is CGP  738   

  • 05 Jul 2018 11:06 AM
    Reply # 6361623 on 6360767

    And my short frame  engine is stamped CGP1275.  I don' t know if it has ver been to OZ.

  • 06 Jul 2018 2:54 AM
    Reply # 6362862 on 6360767
    Tim Raindle (Administrator)

    Makes sense David. I owned cgp 373 for a few years, bouhgt in the US but it had been reimported from  Aus as a basket case. The short frame bobber I currently have , is around cgp1200 I think, but I bought the frame in Aus, the motor was US sourced tho.

    Motors were identical to dgp 101s, just numbers different,  safe to assume that all short frames 28s had cg or cgp numbers. Interestingly, the late moodel little twins, that allegedly did not exist after 1915 , but were still for sale a couple of years later in Aus hade later  numbers, I think Pete Birthisel has one with a 1917 engine number. 

    Anyone got a 28 shhort frame with what looks like an original front brake ? 

    Anyone got one with an original looking 101 style dash and ammeter? What about the toggle light switch as opposed to the beavertail ? 

    Anyone fancy sending in some pics and history of their short frame for the Wow? Be good to have a few more  details on short frames .

  • 07 Jul 2018 1:33 AM
    Reply # 6364155 on 6360767

    Over the Last  40 years Ive owned 3 short frame  scouts  the very first was a 600cc  the last two  750cc    everyone had a front brake/forks identical to the 101s  I have owned   and all had the beaver tail instrument panel switches ,  Two of these bikes were in very original  crusty condiion.

      I would hazad a guess and say  retrofit  with  Forks , brake and Switches  may have happened in the life of all three .

      Jim Parker has or had a short frame 28  with the slide switch    and No  front Brake  

    Below is a picture of  CGP 738   which has done many Rallies and Rides  with me 

  • 22 Jul 2018 4:21 PM
    Reply # 6392652 on 6360767
    Jeff Stevens (Administrator)

    With an interest in the history/development of the early scout (model G) frame I was wondering if anyone has seen the 37 cu. in. (CG) motors with front engine pedestal mount in a 1928 short frame?  If I am correct (??), with the casings of the bottom end of the 37 cu. in. and 45 cu. in. being the same the through-bolt front engine mount configuration developed for the 45 cu. in. used in 1928 short frame could have been used for the 37 cu. in..  All 37 cu. in. motors in the 101 frame are through-bolt motor mount, correct??


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